Are you struggling learning a foreign language ?

If you are about to learn a foreign language, you might find yourself struggling with grammar, vocabulary etc. It properbly feels like a burden to use the language in your daily life.

You might as well recognize yourself in one of these questions:

  • aktivt sprogDo you want to be able to communicate freely in Danish, French or English ?
  • Do you experience that your language skills are stopping you in achieving your goals in life ?
  • Do you find it difficult to practise because you are either affraid of bothering people or you feel embarrassed ?
  • Do you experience a lack of self confidence when speaking Danish, French or English ?

… if you can say yes to one or more of these questions, then Language Coaching might be something for you!

What is Language Coaching ?

Play with the languageLanguage Coaching is about implementing what you already know about Danish, French or English in your daily life.

  • Language Coaching focuses on communication rather than the correct grammar, expression, cultural heritage, literature etc. We will touch upon such subjects if they are relevant to your language development.
  • Language Coaching is about your life and how the development of your language skills can make a difference.
  • Together we will set a goal for your coaching program and I will guide, nudge and coach you in achieving your goal. We will use ressources that are relevant and inspiring to you.

Finally, I guarantee that Language Coaching will be creative, playfull and FUN!

How does Language Coaching work ?

Language Coaching focuses on 3 areas:

  1. motivationWe work on the actual practice. You will get to use the language as much as possible in your daily life. I’m committed that we find subjects that are relevant and important to you.
  2. We find your way of learning a language. Perhaps you love competition. In that case we find games to practice grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation or whatever language skills you need to develop.
  3. We find your barriers and make them disappear. We all have barriers when we learn a new language. They can look in many ways, but what is common for them all are:
  • they are created in your head.
  • they are not real even though they may occur as such.

When the barriers disappear you get a new experience of yourself. You will feel confident, relaxed or even free when you speak a foreign language.

Danish for Expats

Do you want to find out why you are struggling practising Danish ? You can now apply for a free language analysis. We will discover where you are at in your language learning.

Please give me some good reasons why you should have a free language analysis.

Here is some inspiration:

  • why you get embarrassed when you speak Danish.
  • why you all of a sudden can’t find the words.
  • what you can do when Danes keep switching into English.


Personal Profile

Guldbryllup 062_1My name is Marianne and I live in Copenhagen with my two boys.

My mother tongue is Danish. I speak English and French fluently and I have the basic skills in German and Portugese.

I hold a master degree in Educational Science and French language. I’ve been trained in transformative coaching skills since 2009.

During my studies I worked with kids with special needs. My focus was on language and communication skills. It was fun, creative and playful – and it was such a contrast to studying and learning French. It was like two different worlds!

I often asked myself; what would happen if the two worlds got combined? Would there then be more people learning and studying foreign languages ? And why is it language learning for adults often get boring ?

Well, one of the answers to these questions, is that we tend to forget – or we don’t allow ourselves – to play when we grow up. Furthermore, we often get very significant and serious when learning a foreign language.

As a language coach I intend to combine the two worlds. There are aspects of language learning where hard work is required and there are other aspects where we can make it fun, creative and playful :-)